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Grand Oaks Spring CDE


Combined Driving Events (CDE) represent the pinnacle of precision, skill, and teamwork in the equestrian world. CDE is a challenging and exhilarating competition that comprises three distinct phases: dressage, marathon, and cones. In the dressage phase, participants showcase the harmony between horse and driver through a series of elegant and precise movements. The marathon phase tests the endurance, speed, and navigational abilities of the horse and driver as they tackle a cross-country course with challenging obstacles. Finally, the cones phase demands precision and agility as participants guide their carriages through a set of narrowly spaced cones against the clock. CDE is not only a test of horsemanship but also a celebration of the deep bond between the driver and their equine partner. The Grand Oaks Resort is proud to host and support CDE competitions, providing a world-class venue for these remarkable events.

Prize List, Registration and Information

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