At The Grand Oaks, equestrianism isn’t just an activity – it’s a way of life. Nestled within our vast property adorned with scenic pastures and majestic oak trees, The Grand Oaks stands as a renowned equestrian resort, placing the art and sport of horse riding at the very core of our uniqueness.

Equestrian Paradise

Our sprawling property serves as an idyllic canvas for a myriad of equestrian activities. Whether you’re an experienced competitor or an enthusiastic spectator, The Grand Oaks Resort is your haven for all things equestrian. Revel in the excitement of a Combined Driving Event (CDE) or embark on a journey of personal growth with expert instructors offering training in a diverse range of riding disciplines.

Premier Facilities

Experience equestrian excellence with our world-class facilities:

  • Expert Training: Riders of all levels can elevate their skills with personal training from our seasoned instructors, ensuring growth and mastery in various riding disciplines.
  • First-Class Boarding Facilities: Trust your equine companions to our first-class boarding facilities, where their comfort and well-being take top priority.
  • Arenas for Training and Competition: Our arenas are meticulously designed to meet the highest standards, providing the perfect backdrop for both training and competitive events.

Heart of Florida’s Horse Country

Situated in the heart of Florida’s esteemed horse country, The Grand Oaks Resort is a distinguished equestrian destination, offering an unparalleled experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike.


To embark on your equestrian journey at The Grand Oaks, make reservations for sports or equine activities by calling 352.750.5500.

Discover the essence of equestrian excellence at The Grand Oaks Resort – where passion meets unparalleled beauty.


To make reservations for sports or equine activities, please call


carriage driving at the Grand Oaks Resort
Carriage Driving at the Grand Oaks resort

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