The Grand Oaks CDE and CT, January 25-29, 2023

The first carriage competition of 2023, the Grand Oaks CDE/CT, wrapped up on Sunday, January 29 with four days of competing in; dressage, marathon, and cones.  As for the spectator, it was a visual treat packed full of athletic horses, turned out in beautiful show carriages for dressage and cones and sporty marathon carriages, with a rainbow of matched uniforms, spokes, and ear bonnets.  It was truly a ‘Grand’ weekend!

Regarding competition, the stakes were high, as the Grand Oaks CDE qualifies for upcoming FEI-level shows. Everyone gave it their best, from Training Level, Single Pony to Open Advances Horse Team. Final results for first and second place are as follows:

CDE TRN Single Pony

1st Troylyn Ball, 2nd Jeanette Marsh

CDE TRN Single Horse

1st Emily Langer, 2nd William Burkett

CDE Pre Single Pony

1st Leslie Berndl, 2nd Jennifer Harber

CDE Pre Single Horse

1st Thorst  Zarembowcz, 2nd Bettina Scherer

CDE Pre Pair Horse

1st George Dickerson

CDE Int Single Pony

1st Denise Loewe, 2nd Lorri Wallis

CDE Int Pair Pony

1st Boots Wright, 2nd Phillip Odden

CDE Int Single Horse

1st Andy Marcoux, 2nd Carole Precious

CDE Nov Adv Single Horse

1st Allison Stroud

CDE Open Adv Single Pony

1st Raymong Helmuth, 2nd Anna Koopman

CDE Open Adv Single Horse

1st Tasha Wilkie

CDE Open Adv Pair Horse

1st Jacob Arnold, 2nd Darryl Billing

CDE Open Adv Horse Team

1st Chester Weber, 2nd Jean Thornton

CDE Para Driving

1st Cindy Cullinane, 2nd Christina Aitken

CT Trn Single Pony

1st Emily Langer

CT Trn Pair Horse

1st Ingrid Nichols

CT Pre Single Horse

Lorri Wallis

CT Pre Pair Horse

1st Pierre Guillemete, 2nd Laurent Beaupre

CT Nov Adv Single Horse

1st Allison Stroud

CT Open Adv Single Horse

1st Leslie Berndl

The Grand Oaks Resort is located on over 350 acres, in Weirsdale, Florida. The Grand Oaks is an equestrian and nature lover’s paradise with beautiful trails, under ancient oak trees, stabling, private villas, a covered arena and several fiber arenas and grass arenas. We have an RV park, clubhouse with a pool and spa, a restaurant on location, fishing ponds and golf driving and chipping. Come to the Grand Oaks for a ‘Grand’ stay!