Fire Chief’s Phaeton

Fire Chief's Phaeton

Fire Chief’s Phaeton, Circa: 1909, Manufacturer: Studebaker Restored by: Don Sawyer

A century ago, men who served their communities as police officers and fire fighters were revered by their neighbors and held in high esteem.  It was a source of great pride in a community to parade the local fire equipment for all to see. This ceremonial phaeton was reserved for the Fire Chief’s personal use on such occasions and would have been put to the department’s most reliable horse.  A bell on the floor of the carriage was pumped by the occupant to alert onlookers of their arrival.  Both the sound of the bell and the excitement of the parade demanded a horse’s best behavior.

Painted white to accentuate the beautiful lamps and chief’s horn, carriage, horse and harness would represent the department’s finest efforts. The lamp on the rear of the vehicle is removable and can be carried in hand to illuminate the way.